Directions To RAA Meetings

Our meetings are held in Guild Hall of the First Congregational Church of Reading. The church is located at 25 Woburn Street, Reading Massachusetts, but the best access to Guild Hall is from Sanborn Street. If you come early, there is limited parking available on Sanborn Street. However, parking on Sanborn Street fills up pretty fast. There is other convenient parking available in the area if Sanborn Street is full. Here is a map of the area where the church is located:

Sanborn Street is a one-way street going from Lowell Street to Woburn Street. If you get onto Sanborn Street and find that no parking is available, continue down Sanborn Street and turn right onto Woburn Street. Turn right onto the next street, which is Linden Street. That will take you back up to Lowell Street. You can then take Lowell Street to the Town Hall parking lot, which is just past Sanborn Street, on the right hand side of the road.

Reading is located North of Boston in the corner of the intersection of I-93 and I-95 (also known as Route 128)....

Reading center is easily accessible from either I-93 or I-95. Lowell Street is Massachusetts State Route 129, and it crosses the town between I-93 and I-95, as you can see in the map below:

From I-93 North or South, take the Route 129 exit to Reading and follow it for a couple of miles to the center of town. You will go through a single stop light on Lowell Street about half way to town. Sanborn Street is just prior to the center of town. There is another church on the corner of Sanborn and Lowell. Turn right just before you pass that church. If you miss Sanborn Street, just park in the Town Hall parking lot, which is located just past Sanborn Street.

From I-95 North or South, take the Route 129 exit to Reading. This exit is a rotary. Make sure that you stay on Route 129 and not get off the rotary on Haverhill Street. Route 129 is Salem Street on the East side of Reading. It goes into the center of town. There is a single stop light at the top of a hill in the center of town. Go straight through the light onto Lowell Street. Sanborn Street is just past the Town Hall on the left. Here is a closer map:

Town Hall is just past the Old South church (the big white church in the center of town). The Old South Church will be on your right, and Town Hall is then on the left, followed immediately by Sanborn Street.

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