February 2005 Demo

The demonstration for February was called "Painting a Watercolor Landscape" and was provided by Rod Peterson. It was held in Guild Hall of the First Congregational Church of Reading on February 9, 2005.

We have some photographs of the event in case you could not make it there in person. You can click on any of the images on this page to view a larger version of it. Then, use the Back button on your browser to return to this page.


Rod began by showing us how he transports his equipment
to the location where he will paint.
Check out the snow shovel. He leaves nothing to chance.


Here you can see his wheeled cart more clearly.

Set up

In this photo he has all of his equipment set up.
Rod emphasized the need for beginning with a good drawing.
He is preparing to wet down the entire paper with a sponge.


After wetting the paper, he blocked in large areas of color
for his underpainting.

Underpainting done

In this photo he is finishing the underpainting.

Add detail

Here, Rod is adding detail to the painting.
He works from light to dark.

More darks

In this photo you can see more darks have been added
to emphasize the light areas of the painting.

Rod Peterson started painting in the early 1970's and has studied privately with South Shore Artist Ros Farbush, North Shore Arist Eva Cincotta, and at watercolor workshops in Jackson, New Hampshire, with the late artist and author, David Millard. Another significant part of his art training comes from the ever-expanding collection of art books in local libraries, a constant source of inspiration and direction.

Libraries have offered Rod an opportunity to exhibit his own work as well as to view exhibits of other artists. Rod has held one-person shows at public libraries in Quincy (1978, 1980), Malden (1980), Melrose (1983, 1989), Reading (1991), and Winthrop (1994). Other solo showings have been exhibited at the Alpert Gallery in Boston, the Old Town Gallery in Marblehead, Arthur D. Little Inc. in Cambridge, and the MATV Gallery in Malden. Rod is a past member of several art associations and for the past ten years has worked and exhibited in the Malden Sketch Group.

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