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Here are the latest notices of current happenings around the area. Check back here often, as the contents will change quickly.

Ginger Greenblatt has Passed away

Our long time member and good friend Ginger Greenblatt has passed away. Ginger was very much involved in the Reading Art Association. Her paintings were always spectacular, and her infectious smile will be very much missed.

Ginger's Obituary

Ginger Greenblatt

Luke Volpe has Passed away

Luke Volpe passed away on March 11. Luke was a long term member of RAA and was our President back in the 1980's. Luke was always a gentleman and a joy to chat with. He was an excellent artist, who painted well into his retirement.

You can read more about Luke at his obiturary,

Luke Volpe Obiturary.

Luke Volpe

Nathalie Nordstrand has Passed away

Nathalie Nordstrand was our last remaining charter member. She passed away on December 3. Nathalie was a nationally recognized artist and a good friend. She will be missed.

You can find out more about Nathalie at her obituary,

Nathalie Nordstrand Obituary

Nathalie Nordstrand

Ruth Camber has Passed away

Ruth Camber, a long-time, active member of RAA has passed away.

Ruth was always in attendance at RAA events with a smile on her face. She spent many years on the Board, helping to keep RAA going. She will be very much missed.

You can find out more about Ruth at the Nichols Funeral Home website.

Ruth Camber

Barbara Groom has Passed away

We just found out that Barbara Groom passed way earlier in the year. Barbara was always fun to chat with, and she will be missed.

Barbara Groom

Ingeborg Burggraf has Passed away

It has come to our attention that one of our long time, beloved, members, Ingeborg Burggraf, passed away on April 14.

Inge created fanciful collages using all natural materials like seeds and tree bark and grass. Her works displayed her wonderful sense of humor and were well loved. She will be missed.

Elaine Little has Passed away

I just found out that long time member and Mixed Media editor, Elaine Little passed away in November of last year. Elaine was a fixture in the Reading Art Association for as long as I can remember. She was active in the town and active in the RAA until she was nearly 90 years old; a very special person.

Elaine's Obituary

Susan Manning O'Briant has Passed away

We have very sad news to report that Susan Manning O'Briant passed away on December 22, 2019. Susan was an active member in RAA for many years. Her still life paintings were exquisite, and she won many awards for her work. Susan will be very missed.

Susan Manning O'Briant

Bud Knox has Passed away

We have sad news to report that Bud Knox, our good friend and long time member of RAA, has died. Bud was very active in the RAA for many years. He and Evelyn were involved in everything from running the shows to running the business. He will be missed.

You can read Bud's obituary at the following link, Bud Knox Obituary

Fred Peters has Passed away

We have sad news to report that Fred Peters, one of the few remaining Reading Art Association charter members, has died. Fred was active in the RAA to the end. I spent some wonderful time chatting with him at the Fall Show in November. He will be sorely missed.

Evelyn Knox and Fred Peters

Downtown Reading Art Walk is Open

Registration for The Downtown Reading Art Walk (DRAW) for 2022 is open. The registration window is June 15 to August 1. Here is the message from the DRAW committee.

Dear Artists,
Registration is open starting today until August 1 for the 4th Annual Downtown Reading Art Walk which will take place September 10 - October 17. Your artwork will be displayed during both the Reading Street Faire and the Discover the Arts Festival.

1. Please use the online registration form on the DRAW01867 Submission Guidelines page.

2. Then send an email to draw01867@gmail.com with picture/s of your artwork.
In-progress is fine. Check our tips for photographing your art
Use the follow naming conventions :
the email subject should be your first and last name
attached artwork image label as follows: last name_first name_title of artwork

This really helps us a lot, thank you!

We look forward to seeing all your beautiful artwork.

DRAW poster

Carolyn Latanision Video

Carolyn Latanision was commissioned to do a video that is included in the galleries along with the J.M.W. turner exhibit. It is also online on their website.

Carolyn says, "It was both a treat and a terror to do!".

You can view the video at:


Carolyn has other news to share as well.

"I was accepted into the Copley Society of Art summer members’ exhibition, Borders.

I will have two paintings in the Mad River Valley Watercolor national exhibition in Vermont this summer.
In Fort Worth Texas I am exhibiting one of my Bethlehem Steel paintings Rusting Pinions in the Southern Watercolor Society international exhibit.

And in Bethlehem PA, one of my Bethlehem Steel paintings will be in the National Association of Women Artists national exhibition at the Banana Factory, right next door to the steel plant, which is now a tourist attraction.

I am currently in the Inner Space Fine Art Gallery exhibition, Conversations with Three Artists.


Reading Art Association Website is


Years Old

As of April 1, 2021, the Reading Art Association website is 20 years old.

Twenty years ago, the Reading Art Association website went live. Very shortly after that, I published our very first entry on our new website. It was a brief photo essay of our Spring Show.


I kept the images small because the uploads were sent over a dialup modem going through our landline telephone. It took forever to upload even the most simple page of photos and news. There was no broadband and there were no cell phones back then, much less smart phones. A few years later, I updated our digital service to DSL (remember that?) and that freed up the telephone to make calls while the lengthy uploads were happening. How the times have changed.

Throughout the 20 years I have photographed the shows and dinners and demonstrations and posted them on this website. There are 20 years of memories out here. Go to the Archives and take a tour down Memory Lane.


The previous year, 2020 was very quiet here because all of our events were canceled due to the Coronavirus pandemic. But we are hoping to start up again for the 2021 - 2022 season.

Stay tuned for updates.

Brian Kimerer
Your Webmaster

Brian Kimerer paintings at the Pleasant Street Center

The Pleasant Street Center in Reading, also known as the Senior Center, is now showing paintings by Brian Kimerer. Two rooms and the stairwell to the second floor have paintings hanging. Stop by and take a look. Here are some teasers.

Reading Art Association Dues in a Nutshell

Here is a brief FAQ about the Reading Art Association dues.

Why Should I Pay My Dues?

Because the RAA exhibits are now both Members Only shows. You must be a member in good standing in order to exhibit. That means that your dues must be paid in full. Also, it helps keep RAA going.

How much are the RAA Dues?

Student $10.00
Associate $15.00
Artist $30.00
Sponsor/Patron   $35.00

How Do I Pay My Dues?

Download a form from our Membership page, print it out, fill it in, and mail it along with your check to:

Reading Art Association
P.O. Box 114
Reading, MA 01867

Are RAA Dues A Bargain?

Definitely! RAA Dues have not gone up in 35 years. What other institution can say that? Also, Reading Art Association is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, so your dues are tax deductible.

Where Does the Money Go?

The dues are used to pay the rent for the space in the church that we use for the demonstrations and the shows. They also go to pay the demonstrators for our monthly demonstrations, the publication and mailing of the Mixed Media newsletter, refreshments at the demos and shows, and countless other small expenses that we incur.... including sending reminders to recalcitrant members who are in arrears for their dues.

Other Than Paying Dues, How Else Can I Help RAA?

Keep scrolling down and read about joining the RAA board. The RAA board runs RAA and is always in need of members to fill positions. It is a lot of fun, and a great organization to be part of.

What Kind of Fun?

Check out our writeup about Setting Up the Fall Show in 2016.

Note to All RAA Members

To All Members of RAA,

There are some openings on the board that need to be filled. The openings are: Mixed Media, Judging which involves getting judges for the 2 shows, and we can always use more people to help out with hospitality. There also may be some Executive Board positions.

In order to continue with this great organization, we need all the help we can get from our members. We want to continue the traditions that have made Reading Art the prestigious organization that it is and in order to do that we need everyone's help. If you are interested in a board position, speak to a board member at the Spring Show or e-mail Rosemary Palmer, rosiep1@comcast.net, or Rick Corbett, rickycorbett@gmail.com.

You can also contact RAA through your webmaster at webmaster@readingart.org.

The RAA Gallery Software has been upgraded

I have enhanced the software in the RAA Gallery to show thumbnail photos of the paintings in a scrollable window at the bottom of the screen. You can now find and select a work that you are interested in, click on the thumbnail, and go directly to the image. You can still start at the beginning by clicking on the box with the RAA logo in it. Stepping through the images still works the same way it did, click on the left side of the image to go back, and click on the right side of the image to go forward.

Check it out here --- The Gallery.

Your Webmaster

Paintings in the Whitelam Bookstore

Jeannette Corbett

Jeannette has a painting hanging in the bookstore in July 2022

Holly Popeo

Holly had a painting hanging in the bookstore in June 2022

Theresa Galasso

Theresa had a painting hanging in the bookstore in May 2022


Lynne Cassinari

Lynne had a painting hanging in the bookstore in April 2022

Tree in Snow

Ruth Clark

Ruth has a painting hanging in the bookstore in March 2022

Ruth Clark Painting

"Summer Memories above Franconia Falls"

Theresa Galasso

Theresa had a painting hanging in the bookstore in February 2022

Theresa Galasso Painting

"Angel of Light"

Cheryl Flatley

Cheryl had a painting hanging in the bookstore in January 2022

Cheryl Flatley painting

Holly Popeo

Holly had a painting hanging in the bookstore in December 2021

Holly Popeo painting

Susan McFarlane

Susan had a work hanging in the bookstore in November 2021.

McFarlane Painting

Lynne Cassinari

Lynne had a work hanging in the bookstore in October 2021.

Elena Cronin

Elena had a work hanging in the bookstore in September 2021.

Cronin painting

Brian Kimerer

Brian had a work hanging in the bookstore in August 2021.


The title of this painting is "Fishin'"

Liz Noble

Liz had a work hanging in the bookstore in July 2021.

Liz Noble Painting

Mary Kelly

Mary has a work hanging in the bookstore in June 2021.

Mary Kelly Painting

Chris Twichell

Chris had a work hanging in the bookstore in May 2021.


Danielle Wager

Danielle has a painting in the bookstore in April 2021.

Wager Painting

Holly Popeo

Holly had a painting in the bookstore in March 2021.

Landscape Painting

Susan McFarlane

Susan McFarlane had a painting hanging in the Whitelam Bookstore in February, 2021.

Susan's Painting

Liz Noble

Liz Noble had a painting hanging in the Whitelam Bookstore in January, 2021.


Liz's Painting

Jeannette Corbett

Jeannette Corbett had a painting hanging in the Whitelam Bookstore in December


Jeannette's Painting

Lynne Cassinari

Lynne Cassinari had a painting hanging in the Whitelam Bookstore in November

Clock Painting

Musee D'Orsday Time

Maria Vagianos

Maria showed a painting during October 2020.

Maria's Painting

Holly Popeo

Holly had a painting in the bookstore in September 2020.

Holly Painting

Susan McFarlane

Susan showed a painting at the bookstore in August 2020.


Nancy Smethurst

Nancy had a painting in the Whitelam Bookstore for a long time, while the store was closed for the pandemic.

Nancy Painting

Lynne Cassinari

Lynne Cassinari had a painting in the Whitelam Bookstore in February 2020.

Lynne's Painting

Mary Kelly

Mary Kelly had a painting at the Whitelam Bookstore in January.

House on the Marsh

Brian Kimerer

Brian Kimerer had a painting in the the Whitelam Bookstore through December.

Monochrome in Ochre, Crimson, and Ultramarine

Holly Popeo

Holly Popeo had a painting on display through the month of November, 2019

Plum Island Sunset

Over the Fireplace

Beverly Cook

Beverly's paint was there previously.

Fishtank #4

Over the Fireplace

Cheryl Flatley was hanging there previously.


Over the Fireplace

Jeannette Corbett

We enjoyed Jeannette's painting, "Summer Racing Saratoga", through August.

Summer Racing Saratoga

Over the Fireplace

Susan McFarlane

We have taken down, but not forgotten the watercolor floral by Susan McFarlane. The title of the painting is "Bloomers". The painting was on display through the month of July, 2019


Over the Fireplace

Maeve Bradley

Maeve Bradley had a painting on display through the month of June. The title of the painting is "Graves Lighthouse".


Over the Fireplace

Mary Kelly

The painting at the Whitelam Bookstore through the month of May was a watercolor by Mary Kelly.


Over the Fireplace

Lynne Cassinari

Morning Solitude

Over the Fireplace

Louise Conti

The painting at the Whitelam Bookstore has been swapped out. Look for a new painting each month at the book store.

Some photos of Louise's painting:

Morning Solitude
Monhegan Island, ME.

Over the Fireplace

Carol Galayda

Carol's painting "Morning Solitude" was on display through the month of February, 2019. Thank you to Carol for sharing her art with us.

Some photos of the painting:

Morning Solitude
Morning Solitude.

Over the Fireplace

Grace Cherwek

Grace's painting, "Breaking Wave" has been taken down, but not forgotten. The painting was on display through the month of January, 2019.

Some photos of the painting:

Breaking Wave
Breaking Wave.

Over the Fireplace

Ruth Kelloway

Previously at the bookstore was "Secretary" Bird by Ruth Kelloway

"Secretary" Bird by Ruth Kelloway

Sagittarius serpentarius, a native of the African Savanna, has a hooked beak that is all raptor.
He was dubbed the secretary bird because his feathers resemble a quill pen.

Here's looking at you.

In context
Over the fireplace.

Jeannette Corbett

Jeannette Corbett had a painting on display at the new book store as well. The title of the painting is "Red Hot Tango Dancer". The painting was on display through the months of September and October. See the bookstore on facebook, https://www.facebook.com/whitelambooks

Are you curious about the painting? Here it is.

Whitelam Display
Red Hot Tango Dancer

Whitelam Display
Over the Fireplace

Nancy Smethurst

Nancy Smethurst had a painting on display at the new book store in Reading, Whitelam Books through the months of July and August.

Are you curious about the painting? Here it is.

Whitelam Display
If the Shoe Fits...

Whitelam Display
Over the Fireplace

Art & edibles

ACE Call to Artists for Art & edibles

The Albion Cultural Exchange and the Wakefield Farmers Market would like to announce a Call To Artists to support our show, Art & edibles 2022. The event is a celebration of the love of food and will feature visual art, sculptures and food related information sessions. We will not only celebrate food but Wakefield restaurants, food stores, chefs, the Wakefield Farmers Market and anything else food or fun related. Lastly, we will be collecting donations for the Wakefield Food Pantry.

Art must be food related. You might be inspired by:

Exhibit dates will be from Thursday March 17, 2022 until Friday April 29th 2022.

Please complete an Intent To Exhibit registration by using the following form: https://forms.gle/UVzx8e8UsWb9RX7CA

The Albion Cultural Exchange is located in the heart of Downtown Wakefield at 9 Albion Street. The building was originally constructed as a Post Office in 1910 and also used for many years as administrative offices for the Wakefield Municipal Gas & Light Department(WMGLD). For the past 7 years, the building has been known as the Albion Cultural Exchange and the facility supports Art, Culture and Community by integrating the Creative Economy into the community for the benefit of all. For more information please email AlbionCulturalExchange @ wakefield.ma.us or visit https://www.albionculturalexchange.org/.

Arts Reading

There is a new cultural umbrella organization in Reading, Arts Reading. This is a group of concerned Reading citizens who represent various cultural groups in Reading. The goal of the group is to carry out the recommendations from the Cultural District Exploratory Study from Fine Point Associates, dated November 2014. In 2014, a study was completed that did a survey of the cultural resources in Reading with an eye to the possibility of creating a Cultural District in our town. The study presents some ideas about how to enhance the cultural aspects of Reading, and in response, we have created the steering committee called "Arts Reading" to implement some of those ideas. You can view the complete study by clicking on the link below:

Reading Culture Report FinePoint.pdf

Arts Reading has its own web site, www.ArtsReadingInc.org. Take a look to see what other cultural events are happening in Reading.

New Web Site Feature, Snippets

Sometimes there is news in the arts that might be relevant to our membership, but it is of a very short term nature. Here today; gone tomorrow. I thought it would be good to post some of those now and then. Since they will be brief entries, I have called the spot "Snippets".

I needed a place to put the dynamic news in a way that is more timely than the events that are posted in the Latest News box on the front page. So I have created a news feed space of sorts next to the Latest News box. In the new space I hope to put more dynamic news from Reading and her surrounding communities. It will come and go more frequently than the event links, so check back often.

The Latest News box that you are familiar with will still be there. Simply click on the links in that box to see the event photos, download show information, etc. This is an experiment to keep the RAA membership better informed of what is going on in a more timely fashion.

Same great information; new format. Let me know what you think.




Workshops are held in the hall behind the church (FCC) on Bradford Common are held 9-12 on the 2nd & 4th Saturdays, with a still life set-up and a posed model. Mark Hayden mentors all participants. All mediums, all levels, all ages welcome! No registration necessary - drop in anytime. A $5 donation is requested and always appreciated. Want a bit of immortality (and a $25 stipend) by serving as a portrait model? Volunteer for a sitting here! Always check the website and/or Facebook page for last-minute changes!

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