October 2004 Demonstration

The artist for our October demonstration was John Lundquist of Housatonic, MA. He presented a demonstration entitled "Creating Drama in Your Still Lifes".

The meeting was held in the Guild Hall at the First Congregational Church of Reading. The demonstration began at 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, October 13th

We have some photographs of the event in case you could not make it there in person. You can click on any of the images on this page to view a larger version of it. Then, use the Back button on your browser to return to this page.

John begins with a toned canvas.
He has put his still life setup into a shadow box
to keep better control of the lighting on the subject.

The first step in his technique he calls "placement".
He creates a rough silhouette of the objects using dark paint.

The next step is to put in a rough background.

John takes a break to answer some questions.
You can see that he has the entire painting roughed in now.

He puts the highlights in fairly early.
This establishes the center of interest in the painting.

Here is the entire setup alongside the framed painting.

This is the final painting.
This was done in about an hour and a half.

John Lundquist Bio

John Lundquist began painting in 1993 and has studied under several well-known artists. He teaches still life oil painting in his studio/gallery and hosts "Classical Oil Painting" on a local cable station in the Berkshires. John has won numerous awards and is represented in several collections. He describes his demonstration as:

"Learning to create form, light and atmosphere in your still lifes. What I feel makes you want to take a second look at a painting. We will touch upon edges, value, paint quality and color. Liquin is the medium I use."

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